Erotica in Arts as Its Integral Part

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Erotica in Arts as Its Integral Part

   I've heard as once one man said: “There is no art without beauty.” Erotica with its hot and subtle nature happens to be one of the most sensitive and discussed arts. It’s very hard to find any true artist in the world which didn't have at least little touch with erotica and didn’t adore that beautiful sense of human existence. But, talking frankly, very few artists manage to create erotica works and make it truly esthetically beautiful, worth of calling the masterpiece. One of such amazing painters is contemporary Russian artist Konstantin Razumov born in 1974. His amazing works just shine the inspiration for feeling the art under your skin. As they say: “Better to see once than to hear hundred times”, thus here are some of his extraordinary art works that really deserve appreciation and attention.

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